Poemas de animales para niñas (2020)

Yip-Yip-Woof! by Kristin Frederick

Tiny Chihuahua,
Humongous Great Dane.
The difference between them
Is really quite plain.
Feisty Chihuahua
Will yap-yap and yip.
If he doesn’t like you,
You may get a nip!
Gentle Great Dane
Has a powerful bite,
But never would nip you.
She’s much too polite.
Great Dane finds the carpet
A fine place to nap.
Chihuahua loves curling
Right up in your lap.
Their owners would have
Some cause for dismay
If each dog behaved
In the opposite way!

23. Three Little Piggies by Paige

I have three piggies who live in the shed
They sleep in their food bowl and eat in their bed
They drink lots of water which makes them go wee
This usually happens while they are sitting on my knee!!!

24. My Best Friend by Abby Jenkins

Image: Shutterstock

Black and white
Thick and furry
Fast as the wind
Always in a hurry
Couple of spots
Rub my ears
Always comes when his name he hears
Loves his ball; it’s his favorite thing
What’s most fun for him? Everything!
Great big tongue that licks my face
Has a crate, his very own space
Big brown eyes like moon pies
He’s my friend till the very end!

25. My Name Is Pearl by Becky Robbins

Said the bunny to the squirrel,
Are you a boy or a girl?
The squirrel said to the bunny, I am a girl.
Nice to meet you, my name is Pearl.

Pearl said to the bunny,
What is your name?
I am also a girl, and our name is the same.
Do you want to be friends?
Indeed I do!
I would love to be friends with you.

We have the same name, and yet that is funny.
We have the same name, and I’m not a bunny.
Our name is Pearl, and we are both a girl.
But only one of us is a squirrel.

26. He And I – A Wolf And A Girl by Jessica Franson

The lovely cool breeze blows on me
As we run, he and I
Over meadow, hill, and tree
The scents of flowers die

The water runs over tried, beaten feet
With the many friends still to meet
Running with heart beats steady
While everything around is a melody

Colors fade, water rushes by
Solid ground under our feet
We run and birds take the sky
With Wolf friends still to meet

27. String And Ribbon by Reilly Gandell

Thump. thump. thump.
Her tail gently lifts up, and then falls back to earth.
She lies, curled in a ball by the window.
The sun shines down on her lustrous black coat.
Her eyes are closed, letting herself to be separate from the outside world.
I reach out and stroke her gleaming fur.
Her body tenses, and then relaxes to my touch.
I look at her and realize how much I love her.
I think back to when she was only just a kitten.
How she would run around and play with string and ribbon.
And how even now, she has never completely been able to meow.
Always a cheery squeak that melts your heart.
She opens her green slits of eyes and peers into my own.
Then she lays back her head and begins her journey back to dreamland.

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